Key Contacts

For advice on the new Academic Advice Framework

Neil McKay

Dean of Students – / ext 2760

Melissa Jacobi

Academic Director (Academic Advising) – / ext 5676. Melissa is on secondment for the 2018/19 academic year and will be looking at Academic Advising across the University, developing materials and providing help and support to academic colleagues.

Faculty Departmental Leads

Health & Wellbeing HWB

Petra Klompenhouwer Allied Health Professionals
Jane Gurman Biosciences & Chemistry
John Freeman Nursing & Widwifery
Dave Johnson Social Work Social Care Community Studies
Teresa Banks

Sheffield Business School SBS

Susan Jones Service Sector Management
Diane Jamieson Finance Accounting and Business Systems
Mark Godson Management

Social Sciences and Humanities SSH

Karen Dunn Education Childhood and Inclusion
Charles Mundye Humanities
Simon Feasey Law and Criminology
Daniela Hawryliuk Natural and Built Environment
Charlotte Coleman Psychology Sociology and Politics
Heather Wain Teacher Education

Science Technology and Art STA

James Corazzo Art and Design
Tim Parker Engineering and Maths
Sue Beckingham Computing
Hilary Cunliffe-Charlesworth MAC



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