The events listed on this page are likely to be of interest to staff with Academic Advising roles. While some are specifically about Academic Advising and Tutoring, other events address wider agendas around teaching, learning, and student engagement and support and are likely to include strands, workshops or research relating to academic advising.

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UKAT – Free webinar
Tutoring Matters – Supporting International Students through Personal Tutorials 

Thursday 12th December 2019 – 2:00pm

In this webinar we discussed the importance of supporting international students through personal tutoring and gave an insight into the types of support commonly sought by international student cohorts. We also provided some case studies and examples of how personal tutoring can be tailored to support students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Take a look at the resources from this webinar.


Sheffield Hallam Multifaith Chaplaincy
Understanding Diversity

Whatever your religious faith and beliefs, and even if you are not religious at all, we are inviting you to join in the Chaplaincy’s exciting new venture.

The procedure used is known as ‘tandem learning’.  Participants choose a faith or belief system which they wish to learn more about and are paired with another participant who wishes to learn more about their faith or beliefs.  The pair arranges to meet a certain number of times – we suggest for a total of 2 to 4 hours.  They choose what areas they would like to talk about and share, but we will offer guidance.  At all times participants show respect for each other’s beliefs and practices and avoid challenging or disputing them.

For  further information and for details on how to join, please contact Revd Helena Roulston, Co-Ordinating Chaplain via or visit

As a follow on to this programme, the Chaplaincy also hosted an ‘Understanding Diversity Celebration’ on 5th December 2019.

Tutoring Matters

The UKAT webinar series UKAT announced a schedule for their new FREE webinar series ‘Tutoring Matters’.

The monthly webinars were designed to support all those engaged with personal tutoring and advising, whether that be as a practitioner, leader or related support role. They also acted as key professional development for those undertaking tutoring and advising roles. Facilitated by various key professionals associated with UKAT and collaborative in nature, the webinars covered important issues for academic advising.

Take a look at the schedule of dates/times and for more information please visit the UKAT Professional Development website.

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) Annual Conference
Transition, Persistence and Resilience: Academic Advising for Success
Plymouth University: April 2019

This conference that will provide an opportunity to explore new research, innovative practice and contemporary discussion on student support through advising and tutoring and will focus specifically on how student support systems impact on the student experience.

View current conference information

Apostasy Awareness Training: 5th February 2019

People who leave a religious group face a huge struggle, thousands of young people have been brought up in religious traditions where ‘coming out’ as not believing can lead to threats, shunning, psychological abuse, discrimination and physical harm.

Deciding to leave a religion can often mean rejection from your family and friends and community, with little understanding of where to turn to next. ‘Apostates’ as these people are sometimes called, may end up homeless, isolated, and at risk of profound mental health issues.

As part of the Standing Together Against Hate project run by the Helena Kennedy Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, there will be a training event for University staff on understanding and supporting student apostates. The event is part of a student led project that will look at current awareness, and provide recommendations for student support processes.

The event will take place:
13:30 – 16:00 – Cantor 9006
Book your place via Eventbrite:

There will be a series of Blog posts to support the project:
Part 1 – ‘Apostasy and University’
Part 2 – Apostasy and Hate Crime to be posted shortly

RAISE Network Annual Conference
Working better together: collaborations in student engagement
Sheffield Hallam University: 5 – 7 September 2018

This conference offered the opportunity to showcase practice and research and for delegates to take part in lively discussion about student engagement and partnership. See the RAISE2018 conference website for details.

NACADA International Conference
Academic Success: Enhance, Encourage, and Empower!
University College Dublin: 16-19 July 2018

This international conference facilitated a broader global conversation on supporting students for academic advisors, faculty leaders, professional support staff and students. See the conference keynotes and presentations

View details of previous NACADA international conferences

Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising: Contemporary Narratives and Developing Practice
Sheffield Hallam University – Wednesday 11 October 2017 

The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) held their 4th National Tutoring Seminar at Sheffield Hallam University on 11th October. The seminar focused on contemporary narratives of personal tutoring and academic advising including work that had been done by colleagues to enhance student learning and success.

View the Keynote presentation by Mike Laycock, author of the Personal Tutoring SEDA Special, on successful institutional strategies for personal tutoring.




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