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Events and Activities

Academic Advising bannerHere we present a range of events and activities that are likely to be of interest to staff with Academic Advising roles. While some are specifically about Academic Advising and Tutoring, other events address wider agendas around teaching, learning, and student engagement and support and are likely to include strands, workshops or research relating to academic advising.

  1. Academic Professional Development and Events
  2. Course Leadership
  3. Cultural Calendar
  4. Being an Academic Adviser – resources
  5. UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) 
  6. Hallam Guild – UKAT Community of Practice   

Academic Professional Development and Events

The Academic Development & Diversity team promote CPD activities and events through their Academic Development Events Database.

This tool aims to provide an overview of academic development events, conferences and workshops from across the university and beyond. Take a look at our Academic Development and Events website. 

Course Leadership

Working with your Course Leaders, we provide an opportunity for you to engage with events and activities that provide our course leaders support and guidance on course delivery and supporting students. Take a look at the range of course leader events and activities resources from past events. 

Cultural Calendar

Developed to help raise awareness and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community at Sheffield Hallam University.

The cultural calendar is a practical tool which will help with planning meetings, exams or events when a portion of staff and students may be unavailable.

Being an Academic Adviser – resources

Hosted on Blackboard, the Being an Academic Adviser module hosts resources from the Practice Sharing Event, 8th June 2020. 

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)

Visit the Academic Advising Framework page for more details. 

Hallam Guild – UKAT Community of Practice

Take a look at the Hallam Guild – UKAT Community of Practice page for details of events and activities. 

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