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Hallam Guild – UKAT Community of Practice


New – 2021. This Hallam Guild group aims to build a Community of Practice (CoP), drawing together staff from across the institution interested in the development and implementation of Academic Advising. Supported by Hallam’s Institutional UKAT Membership (UK Advising and Tutoring) with core CoP members holding UKAT memberships. Read more about the Hallam Guild group

April 2021

Here, we focused on practice sharing of ‘What Works for Academic Advising’ in large courses.  If you would like to be added to the CoP mailing list or to receive the recording of the session please contact

The Community of Practice initially began back in February 2019 and here are some resources from the meetings.

September 2019

The AA CoP met on the 11th. Melissa Jacobi – gave an update on academic advising for 2019/20

July 2019

The AA CoP met on the 11th with the following agenda:

  • Key messages for next year
  • Student Transition – vulnerable groups
  • Disabled Students Support Consultation
  • Positives, challenges and key focus areas for next year
  • Student Support Triangle (EA and SSA attendance)

May 2019

The AA CoP group met with the following agenda:

  • Update on AA activities – Melissa Jacobi
  • Strength based advising –  screencast – developed by Rachel McManus
  • Ethics Framework for AA – Melissa Jacobi
  • Student Support Triangle – SSA and EA Reps

Melissa is pulling together a working group around Ethical Underpinning of AA, the Implementation of Learning Analytics and  ‘Adding Value’ Advising’ where we look at how AA can be used to support the development of ALL students and not just those who require support.

February 2019

Outcomes from the first Academic Advising Community of Practice meeting 

To highlight: there is a consistent half-hour at the end of each CoP for the three points of the student support triangle to get together to chat about barriers, issues etc. If you have any questions around these themes or would like to join the Community of Practice, please contact