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Academic Advising bannerHere we present information on who you can contact regarding academic advising in your College and Department along with ways in which we communicate to the academic advising community.

Academic Adviser allocations

Hallam students have an Academic Adviser allocated to them at the beginning of Semester 1/2 and will have contact with them at least 3 times per academic year to discuss:

  • Academic Progression Development.
  • Personal Development.
  • Professional Development.

Who are our Academic Advisers?

Academic Advisers are members of the teaching team within the Colleges and Departments. Each College / Department has an AA Lead and all the AA staff names are listed on the Academic Adviser staff list

Responsibility for the Hallam Academic Advising Framework sits with:

How do we communicate with our AAs?

What’s New For

A monthly communication that’s sent to all academic staff via the College email addresses that highlights guidance, information and resources for those staff undertaking Academic Advising as well as Course and Module Leadership roles. 

Semester Updates

These are Academic Adviser-wide communications circulated from a strategic viewpoint. Visit the Academic Advising Framework page: section Semester Updates for more details. 

Academic Essentials

Visit our Academic Contacts and Communications page for further details of how we communicate to your academic community and who you can contact for support.  


If you have any queries about this page, please contact the Academic Development & Diversity Team.

Last updated: 26th April 2021 – NB