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Academic Advising in Practice: Case Studies

We’d love to hear about your success stories. If you’d like to share this with the academic advising community please complete a case studies template. To assist you please refer to our case studies editing guide. Send your case studies to Melissa Jacobi.

Video case studies

The following video case studies were captured as part of a CRA SEDA Award in Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising that was run at the university over the last 3 years. The CRA has announced it ceased business wef December 2018. This means the national Academic Personal Tutoring course will cease to be on offer in its current form.

The following video case studies provide an overview of how Academic Advising is applied at subject level:

Sharon Frankland: A tool to support co-production of academic action plans Petra Klompenhouwer: Action Learning Sets
Jo Doughty: Reviewing the academic support of radiotherapy and oncology students Melissa Jacobi: Academic Advising in the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity
Lynne Booth: Embedded Academic Advising Elizabeth Lye: Supporting Employability
 Joy Drever: Supporting a dyslexic student Joy Drever: Structured visual notetaking

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Approaches to Academic Advising

(How can) Academic Advising support student engagement and development?

Presented by Melissa Jacobi, Head of Academic Advising, STEER, SETL at the December 2020 Course Leader Fest: ‘Engaging and Thriving’.

The following case studies provide an overview of how Academic Advising is applied at subject level:

Nursing & Midwifery – AA model – March 2019 Criminology – AA model – March 2019
Nursing & Midwifery – level 4 – March 2019 Criminology – level 4 – March 2019
Nursing & Midwifery – level 5 – March 2019
Criminology – level 5 – March 2019
Nursing & Midwifery – level 6 – March 2019
Criminology – level 6 – March 2019
Sport (UG) – Case Study 1 Criminology (UG) – Case Study 2015





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