Academic Advice Framework

Developed in 2018, Hallam’s Academic Advice Framework supports the requirement that every student has a named Academic Adviser. This framework is to ensure a consistent approach to academic advising across College and Departmental levels and is based on staff having a common understanding of the expectations associated with the role.

In partnership with Student Support Advisers and Employability Advisors, academic advisers in a student’s department will deliver academic advice to support student progression and success. The primary purpose of the academic adviser is to proactively monitor a students’ academic performance and to act as a named contact that a student can approach to discuss their academic, personal and professional development during their time studying at the university. 

This website provides academic advisers all the required training guidance, briefing materials,  support guidance, good practice case studies and links to other useful resources at Hallam and beyond.  

Academic Advising Policy

The Policy for Academic Advising applies to all taught courses offered by the University, including those with Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body requirements.

Academic Advisor Handbook

The Academic Advisor Handbook – September 2020. This handbook was developed to support Academic Advisers in their role of providing students with informed academic, personal, and professional guidance during their time at Sheffield Hallam University.

Semester Updates 2020/21

Academic Advisor Work Planning

Academic Advising Delivery for 2020/21. Additional work planning allowance for AAs has been published and there is a 20% increase to TRD time. Take a look at the Academic Work Planning allocation manual, section 6.12, page 8.

Resources to support AAs

Events, Training and Development

For staff undertaking the role of Academic Advisor, there are a number of events, training and development opportunities. Its essentials that you complete the mandatory training as soon as you’ve been identified to carry out this role.

Student Support Triangle

The Student Support Triangle SharePoint site provides you with an overview of what’s expected of being an AA alongside the functions of a Student Support and Employability Adviser.

Top Tips

These top tips are for those staff that are;

  • Academic Advisers.
  • Responsible for managing and supporting academic advising.
  • Responsible for managing an academic advising programme.


Here we present the key contacts who are responsible for the Academic Advising Framework and associated College and Departmental Academic Advising Leads and allocated Academic Advisers and how we communicate with your AA community.


Sheffield Hallam University’s UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) membership and committee along with the Professional Framework for Advising and Tutoring and associated events and activities.

Community of Practice (CoP)

Melissa Jacobi, Academic Director for Academic Advising developed the Community of Practice and is being represented by all Colleges and Departments with a diverse group of academic staff across a range departments, subjects and roles.


We welcome contributions to this resource in order to share good practice that reflects the principles set out in the framework as applied to your context. Please share your tips, case studies and exemplar materials to

Last updated: 29th January 2021 NB

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