Hallam Model – monthly update

To provide you with a succinct update on progress as we move towards implementation of the Hallam Model – a framework to articulate and deliver a distinct learning experience for all students.

What is the Hallam Model?

The Hallam Model is based around four principles that outline our distinctive curriculum and learning experience for all of our students. It has been shaped following consultation with and input from academic and professional colleagues, as well as from students and graduates. 


The project team will develop and deliver a coherent framework ready for implementation, which has already started through projects such as HSE and will continue throughout 20/21.

What’s next?  A paper which details the Hallam Model proposal will be considered for approval at the next Shaping Futures pillar board in January 2020. If approved, it will then go to ULT for final agreement.

It is important that we continue to understand and communicate that the Hallam Model is designed as a lens through which we develop our curriculum, and as such it must be visible throughout the academic portfolio. It is anticipated that it may take up to two academic cycles to embed the model using normal review and improvement design principles (e.g. Course Improvement Plans, module reviews, new course validations etc.).


The Hallam Model is overseen by the Steering Group which is chaired by Professor Kevin Kerrigan and delivered by the Hallam Model Operations Group, chaired by Elaine Buckley. 

Any enquiries or feedback regarding the Hallam Model should be directed to the ! Hallam Model mailbox.